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Proma Pro Superprime 1C Primer (Pick up or local delivery only)

Proma Pro Superprime 1C Primer (Pick up or local delivery only)


PRO SUPERPRIME 1C is a ready-to-use, one coat, universal, premium-quality, solvent-free acrylic primer used for priming most substrates including well-prepared plywood and wood subfloors, concrete surfaces, resin-based floor coatings, homogeneous PVC, well-bonded VCT/VAT, cutback and adhesive residue, gypsum, cement or epoxy terrazzo, steel, copper, lead, stainless steel, quarry and ceramic tile, porcelain, granite and marble. PRO SUPERPRIME 1C can ready nearly any surface for PROMA leveling underlayments, toppings and setting materials without the need for scarifying or shotblasting, saving valuable time and money!


  • One component, ready-to-use universal primer
  • Provides single-coat coverage for a fast turnaround
  • Use to create tenacious bonds to nearly any substrate
  • Use in place of shot-blasting and scarifying, saving valuable time and money
  • Use to prime substrate for increased adhesion with self-leveling underlayments, toppings and setting materials
  • Use for porous and non-porous substrates
  • Apply easily with a roller or a brush
  • Provides a rough-textured surface that promotes strong bonds
  • Primer is colored when dry for easy detection on the surface to help ensure full coverage
  • Reduce substrate porosity
  • For interior institutional, commercial and residential applications
  • DIRECT BOND Guarantee assures bond to approved surfaces
  • Contributes to LEED® objectives and requirements



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